Busy days

Today, tomorrow and Wednesday will be having mission trip meetings for China. Yes you heard that right, banana (Chinese who doesn’t speak Chinese, well for my case its more like CANT speak :P) me going to China…. to teach English :P A bit of saving grace I guess.
Anyway we did some dance stuff yesterday and dare I say I like dancing? :P Considering my brother dances does it run in the genes? :P However I shall not upload the video of us dancing :P And to practise I cropped myself out of the video so I dont have to look at myself when I review the steps :P
We will have to sing some Chinese songs as well and thus there is the Pinyin for me to read but its still a pain. Ahhhhh… Need God to guide my tongue as I sing.
We did some choral speaking (length article. shorter article here, or you can try my explaination which is reciting a poem with expressions using just the face). I got 2 lines to do while most of them have only 1 line. Ack :P But its not that bad. My lines are “I’ll shiver like I’m cold, and hold my breath until I’m blue”.
Sad note. I have 1 semi-dead pixel :'(:'(:'(
Going to change after I come back from China I guess. Sigh… Another sad note: iPAQ 6535 (I keep forgetting the model #) PDA/Phone that I got for my FYP seems to be hanging more often. Guess Windows Mobile Phone Edition isnt that great or possibly just not enough horse power it (guess thats why its the cheapest, or at least 1 of the cheapest, PDA/Phone).
Anyway off to do my quiet time with God and sleep and rest before jogging in the morning for China again. They are going to make us to a 10km relay race aaahhhh
Always something to look forward to though… SNOW!!!! :P:P
Night people and enjoy the holidays ahead ;-)


3 thoughts on “Busy days

  1. Dancing is super fun. Hoi – happy birthday for 2 weeks ago! I’m so envious of you going to China! Have heaps of fun. I hear the shopping is super good. :D

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