Dont you feel hopeless at times?

I’ve been trying to do a Financial Accounting tutorial for over 3 hours now. It’s times like these that I just feel that my brain has hit it’s limit. I’ve taken accounting before during the O levels but for some reason none of the question makes sense. Have to submit answers later on today to the tutor as my group is presenting next week. Why wont my brain work? Why cant I understand? Well I do understand but I dont understand what the question is asking and its just getting tiring. It’s times like this that I just want to go into a little corner and cry. And to think I’m spending all this time on a freaking tutorial when I have more important things to do like my FYP and TDE projects… Man…. Panic mode setting in? I dont know. Why why why? Who knows? Because certainly I dont know much right now except that I’m going to wake up late in Friday afternoon that is IF I do sleep. Sad life I live.


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