Its funny

How life makes things happen. How things make you want for something more. For “something else” out there. And how to me its bringing back to God.
Problems coming up here and there not just for me but for people around me as well. How unhappy with life and such. Just reading the blogs of people I know of and such. Seems to be a sad fact of life. Or is it?
Just kind of randomly reading stuff and ended up here. Lifted my spirit up and I know I’m not on the right terms of God right now. There are a few things in that post that I wish I could say. But just feeling unworthy right now, picking up the pieces of my broken life. Nobody knows it but me…. and God.
Sorry for my disappointing behaviour as I know it hurts You. Forgive me dear God for the way I let things happen in my life that displeases You.
I thank You that You indeed are always there. Waiting to pick me up when I fall. To forgive me no matter what I’ve done. To love me even though I don’t deserve it. So dear God I just cry out to You for forgiveness… and strength to carry on for the next 3 weeks.
I pray this in Jesus name. Amen.


One thought on “Its funny

  1. Hi Weed,

    Bless you. God is gracious and merciful. It’s good that you realised what you have done displeases Him and repent. We are all together in this journey, learning everyday. Our Father in heaven will always welcome back into His arms when we seek His favour with the right heart.

    In Him,

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