Holidays started

More or less started last Wednesday when my group didn’t make it through to the next round of the Philips competition. Didn’t think the project was innovative so wasn’t really a surprise but actually it was more or a relief than a disappointment. The project was too draining especially for preparation for the finals which will be held next week on the 23rd. So now I can focus on more important things :) Possibly will be helping out with YWAM Singapore especially with their GoFestAsia Conference & Outreach coming up next month.
Just updated my User registration AMX Mod X plugin due to a user request.
Minty MP3 is progressing after a proper inventory check yesterday :P Found out we forgot to order quite a few components so will be doing that ASAP while tinkering around with the available stuff first.
Moved out of my old block last Monday and found out today that I have lost my matric card.. Gah… Moved Ya Chee and her cousin on Sunday and ended up bringing her monitor back to my place and now I have a dual monitor setup :D The only problem was actually bringing it back… Carrying a 17″ CRT monitor on a bus from Boon Lay to PGP is no fun. Especially when you have to carry the monitor from Heng Mui Keng Terrace (I think that’s how you spell it) which is where Kent Ridge Hall is to PGP itself. And that was like around 2330 at night after being out the whole day. The morning was at church, afternoon was helping Ya Chee’s cousin move and after that Ya Chee to move.
Tonight is supper with some people who I went to China with in December. Yay!!! Supper is always good. Need to go for Swensen’s all you can eat one of these days. Went to Swensen’s on Saturday after my church cell outing but they only had a special Mother’s day menu and no promotion :(
Hope to use these holidays productively… to know God better and grow in the word. Dear Lord please guide me in to know You more and to strengthen me to have the discipline to read and study Your word diligently. Thank you for teaching me more about myself day by day and Lord God I pray that I will be able to please You and to do Your will: not my will but Yours be done. Amen


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