Tripod did it again

A my files just disappeared a few weeks ago. No notice or anything.. just poof. At least the database was still there and I did have a copy of some of the file I changed for my theme so all’s not lost but alas cant be used here.. Did lose a few images but no biggie. So it took me something this big to get me to move away from tripod. I’m lazy what can I say :P Life goes on…

Made the jump to wordpress. I learning to simplify and compromise. I want access to all my data but I want easy and reliable hosts. Was thinking of hosting it on another free host ( in fact, which was a fast responsive host in terms of the connection) but I got lazy and wanted to focus more on other things rather than taking care of security issues with upgrading wordpress version and stuff. Didn’t want to go through that hassle. So now I’m on wordpress and a few of the tools I needed to migrate my data are
WordPress-to-WordPress Import: for posts and comments
links2opml.php: for links
Both worked like a charm and hope it helps those who do need them


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