Mp3 Support with Amarok in Kubuntu Edgy

Just a few moments ago I was granted with the following popup message as I tried to play a few podcasts I downloaded
Amarok cannot play Mp3s

I know Kubuntu doesn’t support MP3 playback by default due to copyright/licensing/patent/legal issues, as seen from this part of the ubuntu documentation

Ubuntu strives to make every piece of software available under the licensing terms laid out in the Ubuntu License Policy. Patent and copyright restrictions complicate free operating systems distributing software to support proprietary formats.

Ubuntu’s commitment to only include completely free software by default means that proprietary media formats are not configured ‘out of the box’.

It’s cool that they’ve automated it though: click the install button, supply your password, wait for the package to download and install, restart amarok and it’s all good.
Adept downloading Mp3 support
Kudo’s to programmers, and bleh to non-free standards


5 thoughts on “Mp3 Support with Amarok in Kubuntu Edgy

  1. In fact I do use OGG Vorbis for my own music, thats why I only encountered this yesterday. Load my OGG’s to my PDA and play in the car, but not all podcasts have an OGG Vorbis feed so what choice do I have?

  2. I tried just that. Somehow Adept barfed while trying. Now, either nothing happens when I click on “Install MP3 Support” or the dialog box that _should_ say that is devoid of text.

    I tried un-installing Amarok altogether and re-trying but I get the same behavior.

    I’m guessing somewhere a file got corrupted trying to install the codecs, but I have no idea what to do, being a complete noob.

    Any suggenstions? TIA


  3. Hey Adam. Nice to see you taking a step into the Linux world =) You failed mentioned which Linux distribution you’re using but if you are using an Ubuntu or Debian based distribution you can try the following.

    1. Open up Konsole or the command line
    2. Type “apt-get install libxine-extracodecs” and press enter

    For Ubuntu based distros add “sudo” in front of the command. That should work. Any other error messages would probably be shown there. And remember Google is your friend!

    All the best and hope that helps

  4. Thanks for your kind reply. Tried, no joy; tried using the autoremove feature first as well.

    I’m beginning to think my version of Kubuntu/Edgy is a bit too… edgy. Getting the same thing, (Amarok hanging, etc.) and I notice sometimes when I try to launch programs like the Adept installer, I get an hourglass and nothing comes up. Maybe I should try Dapper, it being more stable as I hear.

    I have high hopes for GNU/Linux as a Windows user who cannot bring himself to let Microsoft get away with that Vista nonsense.

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