Me is criminal?

A common misconception among citizens is that personal use quantities of chewing gum are allowed into Singapore. However, according to the set of Regulations, “importing” means to “bring or cause to be brought into Singapore by land, water or air from any place which is outside Singapore …” any goods, even if they are not for purposes of trade. The set of Regulations also does not make any provisions for personal use quantities to be brought into Singapore. Therefore, bringing chewing gum into Singapore, even small quantities for whatever purpose, is technically prohibited.


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2 thoughts on “Me is criminal?

  1. A proper source: Uniquely Singapore – Will I be able to bring chewing gum into Singapore?

    Except for chewing gum with therapeutic value, the importation into Singapore of any chewing gum is prohibited under the Regulation of Imports and Exports (Chewing Gum) Regulations. The prohibition on the import of chewing gum except for those of therapeutic value is absolute. Therefore, no allowance is given for any person to import them for personal consumption.

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