Still Alive

While listening to The Linux Action Show! Episode 67 (MP3 page | OGG page) I was wondering what the heck Bryan was doing at the end… until “Still Alive” (lyrics and chords!) started playing. Loved the song and first heard about it from Windows Weekly (I think it was episode 40): it’s played at the end credits of the game Portal sung by Ellen McLain (in-game voice of GLaDOS and the turrets). This song comes from the same genius who brought us “Code Monkey”Jonathan Coulton. Check out his songs here. Loved the Half-Life reference: “Maybe you’ll find someone else to help you. Maybe Black Mesa. That was a joke, ha ha, fat chance”. And when the song mentions about doing science the only thing I could think of was this from XKCD:
I'm going to try Science

+ Netcast/Podcast (Windows Weekly/Linux Action Show)
+ Linux
+ Games (Portal/Half-Life)
+ Music (Jonathan Coulton / Code Monkey / Still Alive)
+ Comics (XKCD)
= One great combination blog post

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