Repetitive Strain Injury

RSI on Wikipedia

So I’ve been having a slight pain/tingling in my right wrist for the past day and being reliant on my keyboard to do my work it is worrying. Something I picked up from Computer Related Repetitive Strain Injury:

While you are actually typing your wrists should not rest on anything, and should not be bent up, down, or to the side

Keep your arms & hands warm. Cold muscles & tendons are at much greater risk for overuse injuries, and many offices are over-air-conditioned.

There’s a few things I didn’t know. So it looks like I’m going to go find something like the A4Tech A-Shape Nature Keyboard. Over the past few months I’ve been trying to work right, the posture, keyboard height, monitor height and such but I think the pain is in my right wrist in particular possibly due to a lot of FPS games as well with all the mouse movements. So with my back issues now I have a wrist issue.. Aaaaah life, nice to see that you (well kind of myself actually) have been giving me quite a few challenges over the past few weeks. But as I remember telling a friend of mine after a sermon back in Singapore: “Goliaths will fall”. Yes they will (and will that I’m just had one of those ‘flashbacks’ of mine where I’ve seen this scene before in a dream. Deja vu? That’s for sure…)

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One thought on “Repetitive Strain Injury

  1. I had repetitive strain for a while, did u use the wrist rest provided by razor? That helps..Though FPS games will suffer a bit

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