Singapore Trip 08

As soon as I touched down and had a look around on the 6th things looked more or less the same but feels different. 1.5 years is relatively a long time and the pace of life seems to be much faster and the crowd bigger. It has indeed been a few busy days getting stuff for people and getting my own stuff. It’s been great meeting up with old friends and having my first taste of podcasting on 65Bits. I guess so far what I wanted to achieve out of this holiday has not been fully attained. As I’ve been telling everyone this 1 month is going to be a time of rest, relaxation and more importantly reevaluation but so far on this trip I think I’ve only had some relaxation. Doing the ‘mandatory’ mom-thinks-I-don’t-have-enough-clothes shopping yesterday was a bit of a bore but the more I look at the computer stuff I can’t get back home the more I want to buy all that I can =p


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