A crashing Enterprise Manager

Got this when opening Enterprise Manager?
Crashing Enterprise Manager

SQL Version: SQL 2000 Developer Edition DB Server

  • Go to “C:\Documents and Settings\[user profile]\Application Data\Microsoft\MMC”
  • Rename/Delete “SQL Server Enterprise Manager”
  • Re-open Enterprise Manager

Source from www.experts-exchange.com as below

I have researched this, and I do not find a direct solution.

There are issues with Enterprise Manager and XP but usually they do not let the user open EM. You don’t have that problem. Your mmc works except when checking the properties of a database.

You probably do not have problems with other mmcs (IIS Server – you can open properties, yes?). From the online reading, many discussed conflicts between the XP version of mmc and the older SQL Server version.

Solutions that have worked for others:


From windows explorer, browse to the “MMC” folder under C:\Documents and Settings\[user_profile]\Applicaiton Data\Microsoft\ (This is a hidden folder and to be able to view it you must show hidden files and folders in the “Tools” –> “Folder Options” –> “View” settings). There should be a file named “SQL Server Enterprise Manager”. You can either delete or rename this file (I prefer the latter). MMC will re-create this file the next time you access Enterprise Manager and should then be working properly.


Kindly install the mmc again from your XP cd and type the following in

expand F:\i386\mmc.ex_ %systemroot%\system32\mmc.exe
here f is the cd drive. There is a space between the d and
F and between the _ and %.


Go to the Run from the Start menu and type mmc and press enter to open an empty console. Under the File menu select “Add/Remove Snap-in”. Click “Add” under Console Root and select the “Microsoft SQL Enterprise Manager” snap-in. Close windows until you are back to the mmc, and you can rename the “console1.msc” to default name which is “SQL Server Enterprise Manager.MSC” and save it under C:\Program Files\Microsoft SQL Server\80\Tools\Binn (Default location of SQL Server 2000).

If all else fails,

There is a new MMC.exe 3.0 for XP.


You can try these solutions. Again, I do not see any solutions for your issue exactly. I also read the list of hotfixes after SP4 and did not see anything that addressed the issue.


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