An Experience

So the other day when I was using the office’s spare LCD monitor it just suddenly died so boss had me bring it to Komputer Wisman as they are an “HP Premier Business Partner and an HP Authorised Service Delivery Partner” and the dead monitor was an HP. So anyway I brought the monitor there and told them that I don’t have the warranty details and boss asked me to have it fixed. After some testing the backlight seemed problematic so they recommended to just buy a new one. So I took the LCD monitor to the car and drove off after telling boss that they recommended buying a new one, thinking boss would ask me to buy a new one. Then he asked me to ask them how much they are selling LCD monitors. Doh! Drove one round and parked back in the same parking and heading to the sales unit as opposed to the service center. Asked the guy a few questions and he was insistent on whether the service guys checked the serial number on the broken LCD. As it turns out they can check the warranty online even though the stuff is from KL. So I went back to the service center and the guy told me that monitors are not covered so oh well. But I did ask the sales guy about the HP 2133 Mini-Note and he did say that it’ll be here next week for launch but may not be available to the public. I wonder if I can get a sneak peek and hands on =p Please salesman John (who I highly commend on your service), please?

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One thought on “An Experience

  1. AHAH. My mother works at Komputer Wisman. In fact, she’s the sales manager there.

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