Patch your DNS

**2008-08-29 Update here**
For those who haven’t heard about the DNS threat recently head over to Doxpara Research to test and see if you DNS name server’s are vulnerable. For public knowledge as of the 9th of August 2008 that TelBru‘s name servers for e-Speed (using residential 512kbit/s line) and I would guess Zoom! are vulnerable as show below:
E-Speed DNS vulnerable
Tried using all the name servers as listed on Interenet Assigned Numbers Authority so with that everybody do change your DNS settings to use OpenDNS (Nameservers:, and be a happy camper knowing that your Internet is safe safer.
The safety of OpenDNS:
OpenDNS safe

**2008-08-29 Update**
Seems like Telbru has patched their servers. Sweet. Did anybody else have timeout issues when they switched to OpenDNS?

Nonspoofable source to test your DNS servers:

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