Removing PowerPoint Rehearsed Timings

Ever got annoyed or even had a real bad presentation due to rehearsed timings causing your presentation to automatically advance to the next slide? Well I have so there is the workaround and the real fix. This is tested to work in PowerPoint 2003

Disable advancing slides in a slide show

  1. In the menu bar: “Slide Show” > “Set Up Show…”
  2. In the “Advance slides” section select “Manually”

Real Fix:
Clear the timings completely!

  1. Select all the slides
  2. Right click a slide > “Slide Transition…”
  3. In the “Advance slide” section uncheck “Automatically after”

Source: Making Your Presentation, UWEC

Hope that saves people frustrations in the future

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8 thoughts on “Removing PowerPoint Rehearsed Timings

    1. @Corina I’m glad it helped you =) Rehearsed PowerPoint Timings actually killed one presentation I did with friends. We were panicking and pressing back alot because we spoke slower than our rehearsed rendition =$

  1. I’m trying to record a voice-over to a powerpoint. I’ve used Narration and Add Sound. No matter what I try, the sound will cut off before the end of the recording when I play it back, no matter what I seem to try – including clearing out timings, animations, and transitions.

    If anyone has any idea what is happening, it will be greatly appreciated – this is for a graduate class I’m taking.

    1. I just tested out the Narration feature and it automatically generated a slide show with automatic transitions and narrations attached, however it does cut off the narration before the end, as you mentioned. I’m using Powerpoint 2007 on a Mac OS X and managed to get it to work by removing the “Advance Slide: Automatically after ___ seconds” setting. This will force the users to manually click to proceed on to the next slide but at least it lets them hear the entire narration for each slide.

  2. Hey friend thanks, I was about to break my laptop. My important presentation was all fucked up because my ignorance. I paid little attention to the rehearse timing and I thought it will not be saved. But it did and I had a forgetful day. I am not going to touch it again for sure. Anyways, thanks once again.

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