David Pogue on the Music Wars

Was going through the TED talks and just had to play David Pogue’s take on the Music Wars. Download the video there here

Sung to the tune of Piano Man:

It’s 9 o’clock on a Saturday
The record store’s closed for the night
So I fire up the old iTunes Music Store
And soon I am feeling all right

I know Steve Jobs can find me a melody
With one dollar pricing that rocks
I can type in a track
And get album names back
While still in my PJs and socks

Sell us a song, you’re the music man
My iPod’s still got 10 gigs to go
Yes, we might prefer more compatibility
But Steve likes to run the whole show

I heard Desperate Housewives was great last night
But I had a bad piece of cod
As I threw up my meal
I thought it’s no big deal
I’ll watch it tonight on my ‘Pod

And now all of the networks are joining in
Two bucks a show without ads
It’s a business those guys always wanted to try
But only Steve Job had the ‘nads

Sung to the tune of I’ve Got You Babe:

They say we’re young, don’t watch TV
They say the Internet is all we see
But that’s not true, they’ve got it wrong
See all our shows are just two minutes long

Hey, I’ve got YouTube
I’ve got YouTube

Tribute to the RIAA (sung to YMCA):

Young man, you were surfing along,
And then young man, you downloaded a song,
And then dumb man, copied it to your ‘pod
Then a phone call came to tell you

You’ve just been sued by the R-I-A-A
You’ve just been screwed by the R-I-A-A
Their attorneys say you’ve committed a crime
And there better not be a next time

They’ve lost their minds at the R-I-A-A
Justice is blind at the R-I-A-A
You’re depriving the bands
You are learning to steal
You can’t do whatever you feel

CD sales have dropped every year
They’re not greedy,
They’re just quaking with fear
Yes indeedy
What if their end is near
And we download all our music

Yeah that would piss off the R-I-A-A
No plastic discs from the R-I-A-A
What a way to make friends
It’s a plan that can’t fail
All your customers off to jail

And who’ll be next for the R-I-A-A
What else is vexing the R-I-A-A
Maybe whistling a tune
Maybe humming along
Maybe mocking them in a song

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