The Great Brunei Flood of 2009

Like many others I was caught in the floods and inconveniences of last night. As with I too wish to applaud the Fire resuce, Ambulance, Police and any other forces who were sent out to help the drives, the stranded and all those affected.

Some shots from Gadong
Unitek Area (next to bridge exiting Gadong via the Mall):
Unitek flooded

Flooded car

Car parked at the Unitek area
Unitek area & Bridge

More pics of the events of last night

The flood aftermath at RanoAdidas

Submerged! at

Heavy downpour last night cause flash flood around Brunei at

With many people displaced/inconvenienced due to the floods or the lack of electricity, myself without electricity, it makes me think of how refugees feel. We can get so frustrated with these little inconveniences when there are so many others around the World running for their lives, not knowing if they will even live to see another day. I hope it helps us humble ourselves are realize how much we have and how much we take for granted.

Take care everybody. Drive safe. God bless!

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