Social Moths

While the folks in Singapore has which is a Community Singapore Blog Aggregator developed by U-zyn who has even been touted as the next Kevin Rose and was nominated as one of Business Week 25 Asia’s Young Entrepreneurs.

Well us Bruneians have…

Social Moths

Socialmoths Screenshot
(click to enlarge)

Still blog-hopping to see the latest updates from some of the most popular Bruneian blogs? Well hop no more, in here you’ll find all the latest post from them.

This is a great site for those who want to know what Brunei bloggers are up to, especially with the recent on-going article at CNET Asia entitled “Brunei Bloggers, a retrospective look” (Part 1, Part 2, Part 3).

It’s a great medium for those who haven’t found the joy of newsfeeds (e.g. RSS). But while I wonder where the “Register my blog” link or FAQ is, it makes me think I’m not much of a social moth to know how this site works *shrug*

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–Update 090206: Added screenshot of Socialmoths


2 thoughts on “Social Moths

  1. I just checked and probably they have something gone wrong with their updater. Looking at Google’s cache will give you a feel of how it is.

    From what I gather they edit that single post which was created in November 2007 with the latest blogs. I guess it’s a way to present all the information they want on a single page and not have to deal with managing old posts. But it makes it useless for RSS.

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