Configuring your phone for mobile Internet (DST/bmobile, Brunei)

Note: for Android configuration refer to this post

With mobile Internet being very cheap on DSTCom (B$0.05/MB) we all wish to to be surfing the ‘net but before that your phone needs to be configured to do so. The settings supplied by DSTCom are:

For Internet access
Name: DSTInternet
APN: dst.internet
Username: <no username>
Password: <no password>

APN: dst.mms
Username: mms
Password: mms
MMS Server:
Proxy Address:
Port No: 3130

However it’s not always easy translating these settings to your phone. I recently had issues with a friend’s Sony Ericsson G502 being a Nokia person myself.

Update 1: Due to search requests on bmobile internet connection I shall add it here based on the findings of Hazarry’s work here (PDF file) and bmobile’s iPhone settings.
Bmobile’s APN: bmobilewap. More detailed configuration can be found

For Internet access
Name: bmobilewap
APN: bmobilewap
Username: <no username>
Password: <no password>
Proxy Server Address & port (these settings seem optional as they are not listed in bmobile’s settings PDFs)

Name: bmobile MMS
APN: bmobilemms
Username: <no username>
Password: <no password>
Proxy Server Address & port:

Server Name : B‐Mobile MMS
Gateway :
Port Number : 6500
Server Address :
Connect Via : MMS Servers
Size Limit : 300K
WAP Version : WAP 2.0
GPRS Authentication: PAP

–End of Update 1

Nokia E51 Configuration

  1. Settings > Connection > Access Points > New access point (under Options menu)


  • Input the configuration settings:
    Connection name: Any name you like, this is just the name to describe the connection
    Data bearer: Packet data
    Access point name: dst.internet
    Username: None (no username needed, left blank)
    Prompt password: No
    Password: None (no password needed, left blank)
    Authentication: Secure (Normal / Secure both work)
    Homepage: None
  • Advanced settings:
    Network type: IPv4 (IPv4 / IPv6 both work)
    Phone IP address: Automatic (possibly DHCP on other phones)
    DNS address: Automatic
    Proxy server address: None
    Proxy port number: 0

Screenshots taken by: Screenshot for Symbian OS


129 thoughts on “Configuring your phone for mobile Internet (DST/bmobile, Brunei)

  1. a friend’s sony ericson G502?

    let me break it down… based on my assumptions

    a friend = me
    sony ericson G502 = sony ericson C902

    ie are u talking abt me?! :P

  2. awh… i got use to it. but i keep calling Aaron (cos his name is first in my phonelist). rofl~ too many buttons bah!!!!

  3. Need assistance for DST settings for Acer palm latest ohone – the dual simcard kind. Thank you

  4. @Bahrin you will have to try translate the settings I gave to your phone. I’m not familiar with your phone. But if you want to meet up and configure it, I could try. Contact me here

  5. Since I upgrade my dst simcard to dst 3g, i got problem to get through my internet. I always see the message “Packet Data connection is not available”. Pls assist me on tis matter.

  6. First of all are you able to access the Internet at all? If you are able to then it’s not likely a configuration issue, but more external factors: e.g. location, network, phone. Are you using the Internet in the same locations and is the signal strength fine? Perhaps if your phone supports it, try using 3G, i.e. UMTS not the 2G GSM network / dual mode. Perhaps this can narrow down the issue with 3G / 2G network. If that still happens try it on another phone, it could be the phone itself. Does anything happen before you get that error message, e.g. receive a text / phone call? If there is nothing you can do to narrow down the issue, try go to DST and get the SIM changed or see if they can help. Hope that will lead you in the right direction to fix this problem =)

  7. @ondu_08 So far I’ve only tried configuring a Sony Ericsson phone once before and it failed. I won’t mind trying again. Perhaps you could catch me next week when I plan to station myself somewhere in Brunei each day to participate in Mozilla Service Week

  8. i set the access already. i can go to any websites but when i open application i downloaded it says connection failed, please activate internet setting for java application. what should i do? TQ

  9. @babe what application is it and are you using a Nokia phone? I know for Nokia phones it will usually ask you “Allow application ApplicationName to use network and send or receive data?” and if you say yes it will prompt you to select which network you want to use to access the Internet. You will have to select the connection you previously created. I’m not too sure how other phones work

    Also do check the settings in the application that you downloaded. Some allow you to specify which connection to use for Internet access.

    Lastly it could be that the networking is disabled for the application. For Nokia, Go to Menu > Installations > Application Manager (App. mgr.) > Select the application you downloaded > Menu > Open. Under “Network Access” make sure it is allowed. Again I’m not sure how it is on other phones but it should be something similar.

  10. @erick sorry, but I’m not sure of the settings for Windows Mobile. Tried doing it once and did manage to get it working but seemed a bit convoluted and can’t remember how I exactly did it.

  11. do u guys have the 3g modem setting for b-mobile? since im using an unlocked device i kinda need to know the default setting like dns server or WINS server…

  12. @newguy The b-mobile settings are on the page as well near the top. Basically the APN is bmobilewap. I think the DNS and WINS server settings will be automatic after you connect to the APN. I don’t have a b-mobile line at the moment to actually find out at test it but when I do find out I’ll get back to you =)

  13. which mode of network shall we choose for prima? eversince i upgraded my prima line to 3G dst i came across many times that there is totally no signal if i chose UTMS ( fully 3g signal) but if i choose dual mode, it will automatically search for 3g or d normal line which internet cant be access and mms functions failed.
    Why is it not a full time 3G signal available for dst prima like bmobile?

  14. @kaylee 3G connectivity depends on your location. If there are not 3G cell towers in your area there will be no connection. That is why dual mode works: it will switch back to the normal 2G/2.5G connection when 3G/UMTS is not available. I guess bmobile has better 3G coverage compared to DST thats why 3G signal is not always available. Nothing much we can do unless DST does some upgrades to their towers to support 3G or build more towers

  15. I’m kinda confuse with telcos from abroad. I’m from Malaysia. Is B-Mobile Communications one of the telcos in Brunei?

    1. Yup B-Mobile is a telco: more specifically it’s a mobile phone telco. B-Mobile and DST are the only 2 mobile telcos here while Telbru (to which B-Mobile is affiliated) is the telco for land lines (and thus DSL Internet)

  16. Thanks for providing this. Now I no longer have to go to the mobile shop and ask the people there to configure the settings for me or when I accidentally screw up the settings. I wouldn’t have minded they do it free of charge, though.

  17. dst3g??????jalan bebatik kilanas.i even ned to go outside house to answer the phone …….very lack of signal…..

  18. Heya all,

    Can you surf youtube on your phone using a bmobile sim? Like I can surf and all but when I try youtube…clicks on a vid…it says I’m connected and then it just failed to load/buffer.


  19. Need help… I can’t get connected to the internet because my phone was formated (Motorola v3xx) Can you help me to get the dst setting? Thanks in advance =)

  20. I got problem with my mms setting. My phone is LG KU990. Hoping for your help.. Thanks.. Btw, mine is Bmobile. I’ve tried ur setting up there but it seems not working. And, whats sock btw?

    1. On my Nokia with a Zoom! SIM the settings are as follows

      Access Point Name (APN): bmobilemms
      Username: *none*
      Password: *none*
      Authentication: Normal
      Phone IP Address: Automatic
      DNS Address: Automatic
      Proxy Server Address:
      Proxy Port Number: 6500

      I believe SOCKS is only necessary if there is a field (there is none in my Nokia configuration). See my settings with the settings above and see if you can work it out. Otherwise I suggest going to bmobile or a mobile phone shop to help configure it for you =)

    1. I’m not too sure about the settings for the iPhone 4 but I presume it will be similar to the iPhone 3GS. Settings can be found here at AVE Facebook discussion page. Hope this helps!

  21. i want to set up internet in my mobile. my sim card is already registered for internet and it is b-mobile sim. my mobile is Genio touch samsung GT-S3650TIAXEO. So if u could help me out………….

  22. Do you have the settings for Nokia C3.. I cant seem to log on to the community and utilise its features (facebook).. Thanks in advence

  23. Hello,

    Does anyone knows who to set the network connection for LG GM360i. I’m using DST!!

    Thank you~


  24. aloha..anyone know how to set the internet setting for lg kp500..plz send any info for me at my email.

  25. know how to set the internet setting n wap setting 4 my lg kp500..plz help me.k tq..

  26. u know how to do network settings for blackberry (from china)? Got the internet setting done (am using dst line). Internet are too slow and always pop up connection failed. Had to do network settings. everytime i do network says failed to register or select network it says failed to search network. Another thing is on the preferences, it asking for MCC/MNC that u need to put digit on it? Any clue what is MCC/MNC? I have you can help me solve this me at Thanks

    1. I’m not sure if you need to input the MCC/MNC figures but on my Android phone the MCC/MNC figures are listed as follows. MCC: 528. MNC: 11. Hopefully that will work

  27. iPhone (im using 4.2.1) DST cellular data setting:


    APN: dst.internet
    Username: (Leave it blank)
    Password: (Leave it blank)


    APN: dst.mms
    Username: mms
    Password: mms
    MMS Proxy:
    MMS Max Message Size: (Leave it blank)
    MMS UA Prof URL: (Leave it blank)


    APN: dst.internet
    Username: (Leave it blank)
    Password: (Leave it blank)

  28. hi .. ive tried setting my mms on my SE S500. there’s this CS and PS thing .. can i know what is that ? ive entered all the other infos .. but im just confused about that part.

    1. I’m not familiar with the CS and PS thing that you are talking about, but from here they “Highlight PS and CS and press Select” and later “highlight PS data and press Select” after which they enter the account name and APN (which would be dst.internet in your case). Hope that helps somewhat

  29. Hai there you all :)

    I need help to set my lil sister’s GO!Broadband (Dst broadband) setting. You see I wana use line on it coz the broadband just wont work with my windows 7.

    Here’s how the setting look like:

    Profile name:
    User Name:

    So what i dont know is what is the number should i set to “Number: -”
    For DST setting, the number is “*99#” without the quotes

    Huge thanks in advance

    1. Firstly which modem are you using? I believe the DST modem is locked to Go! and the bmobile modem is locked to Zoom!. The number should still be the same *99# in my experience.

  30. hey there…
    i have actually asked a vendor to do the settings for me both internet and mms on my htc wildfire…the internet works fine but the mms doesn’t…what gives? a friend sent me an MMS but whenever i tried to download it…it would either say ‘Message Not Downloaded’ or ‘Generic Network Failure’…what does the latter mean?

    thank you so much…

    1. Sorry I don’t have any experience configuring that. You will have to refer to any manual that came with it and use the settings/values I have provided. It shouldn’t be too difficult. Otherwise I guess you could bring it to the shop that you bought it from and ask for their help.

  31. Hello! How do you get the Personal Hotspot on iPhone 4 to work? I tried keying in “dst.internet” under Internet Tethering, but I can’t seem to make it appear. To top it off, it’s the latest firmware.

    1. Sorry, I’m not familiar with Windows Mobile settings. Just try to adapt the settings provided above in the appropriate fields.

  32. hi, my phone is nokia E5 and ive set up the connection for dst internet. But yet, i couldnt turn off the dst internet. It automatically connected eventhough ive switched it off and not using it. And my easi been deducted. I need an advice hw can i fully switch off the connection when im not using it? Thanks :)

    1. Sorry I’m not familiar with the phone. Don’t think I’ve ever configured an Samsung phones before. You will have to take a look at the Network / APN / Data settings somewhere in the menu

    1. I’m sorry but I’m not familiar with Sony Ericsson phones. Just look through the menu and see any data / Access Point Name (APN) settings, enter the settings and make sure it is enabled

  33. Hi, Can u help me how to set the dst internet configuration for apple peel 520 gen 2 for ipod touch 4G??

      1. Did u mean this?

        GPRS Settings: We cannot help you with the GPRS Connection settings (they are different for every carrier in the world). Please contact your carrier for more info.

      2. @Asdy yeah. uses the APN setting dst.internet as I’ve specified above for the values. I don’t have a Peel myself so I don’t know where the settings are on the device or the exact values it needs. If you provide a screenshot and any settings you have tried that doesn’t work, I could help you more

    1. errr sorry I can’t access that link. email it says “File or directory not found”. If it is MCC/MNC figures are listed as follows. MCC: 528. MNC: 11. I’ve emailed you and see if we can resolve this =)

  34. Hello everyone,

    need some help with my Samsung Corby II GT-S3850. Having problem with tethering…
    I alreadry configure the phone, I can access internet on my mobile phone (DST network – brunei). I want to use it as modem but I am having trouble on setting it up… I already installed Samsung Kies and samsung networking wizard but unfortunately my PC windows 7 cannot detect the Phone as modem.
    Transferring files from PC to phone and vice versa are working fine.
    please help…

    1. I have not personally used Kies but you may need to install the driver for the phone itself. It should be on the Samsung website or CDs that came with the phone. If you are using 64bit Windows 7, the driver needs to be signed by Samsung, otherwise you will have to disable driver signature enforcement. Try using DSEO
      Basically driver signing was introduced for security reasons and if Samsung didn’t sign their drivers, they are just being cheap.

  35. I am having trouble surfing on my Blackberry torch, it detects the 3G signal but unable to surf on its browser. Would appreciate any help. Thanks in advance

    1. Technically a 3G signal is different from a data connection. You will need to configure the data APN to dst.interet or bmobilewap according to your provider and enable the data connection. I’m not familiar with Blackberry settings, so I would suggest just look into the settings and configure it accordingly

    1. blackberry runs on a separate network. though its dst network, it passes through different channels. you need to upgrade to prima line and avail of the blackberry mobile service which is 25$ a yr. on top of you prima line rental… its quite expensive considering the connection is practically very slow.

  36. huh why can’t our local isps make it simpler for the public to automatically set all their sim cards on what ever phones we are having!!! S***h***

    1. That is true. Perhaps they don’t want to purchase the service to save the settings in the SIM? Would be perfect for us consumers but sadly no dice yet. So in the meantime we have to manually configure it.

  37. I cannot connect in the internet thru my mobile phone..I’m using dstwap..Can you please advise. thanks my phone is C5-03

  38. why the heck is my SG S II losing internet settings every other day. no access to internet for days even. dstinternet, dstmms; nothing.. could it be my SIM?

  39. my cousin is using Nokia C2-03,i helped him to configure his access point and so on,but he still cant surf websites by using his cell phone,it seems like the dstinternet aint working at all.Is there any actual configurations for nokia c2-03?the APN should be dst.internet,but what is the packet data access point?He’s using dst sim card,not 3g though.

    1. i also have the same problem.i cannot surf or access any internet point while no configuration. can you help me also to set the internet. while i been searching how to set up the internet. my mum using c2-03. its a troublesome phone. the only great thing is it has dual sims. please HELP!

    1. The bmobile settings are specified in the post: bmobilewap as the APN, if not try install my bmobileAPN app on the Android Market and see if that works.

  40. Hiya very nice blog!! Man .. Beautiful .. Wonderful .. I will bookmark your web site and take the feeds also?I am glad to find numerous helpful info here in the put up, we need develop extra strategies in this regard, thank you for sharing. . . . . .

  41. thanks muchest! u had helped me set up zoom simm in my galaxy tab to use as hotspot :-))))) vry glad it had worked! May u n fam have a prosperous and safe days ahead. Happy new year!

  42. I can’t watch youtube on my N70. It keep giving “define default access point” which i don’t understand which default access point it mean…? Help me with this..

  43. please help me! how to setting gprs to nokia c2-03. coz my phone didnt have manual setting

    1. From Nokia’s developer wiki it guides you through the following menus:

      1) Settings
      2) Configuration
      3) Personal Configuration Settings
      4) Options / Add New
      5) Scroll down to “Access Point”
      6) Configure all the Access Point data
      7) Click “Back”
      8) In the “Preferred Access Point” option, choose the one you’ve just configured.

      As I don’t have a Nokia feature phone with me at the moment, I can’t verfiy this, but this sounds very familiar when I did configure feature phones.

      Hope that helps

  44. Please help me!
    I baru beli simcard broadband DST yg postpaid $78monthly,
    Line memang active,tapi masalahnya NO CONNECTION arah my samsung tab 10.1,
    Cemana setting nya? Please help me. Email it to me, Thanx

  45. the apk’s link for bmobile that you give works on me, however the app doesn’t create apns for me and i have to create it myself and after i created it i click install and click on my newly made apn and then i save for the second time. thanks to your app i can now connect to the internet :)

  46. Anyone knows how to configure intrnet for ideos google.. I accdntly reset it..Pls help..
    I ‘m using b.mobilelilne.. tq v.m..

    1. Hey there. I don’t know the exact setting configuration for that phone itself but the main APN settings above should work. You’ll just need to find the appropriate settings on your phone. Maybe best ask a mobile phone shop

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