DST 3G speed tests

While I did get a DST GO! SIM card quite a while back just to see how it is, I am reluctant to call these GO! speed tests as they were done on my phone with a 3G Easi SIM card, not a GO! SIM card. Basically all mobile phone customers of DSTCom (Prima or Easi) can enjoy the fast speeds of GO! without having to spend anything extra, so long as you have the following

  • 3G / 3.5G phone
  • 3G SIM card

Note: Not all 3G/3.5G phones are created equally and each have a maximum 3G speed that it can obtain. These details can be obtained online from places such as GSMArena.com. E.g. Nokia 6680 max 3G speed of 384 kbps, Nokia E51: max speed of 3.6 Mbps.

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3 thoughts on “DST 3G speed tests

  1. for me…ah… b-mobile zoooooom still the best for surfing…downloading is quite fast sikitlah.better than eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeespeeeeeeeeed.just terminated yesterday…….

  2. @ahjohnlah Thanks for the input! May I ask where are you using your Zoom!? Location and users within your area is an important factor with any mobile Internet service =)
    Do not that eSpeed is a dedicated bandwidth vs Zoom! which is shared, so if more people use Zoom! in your area, the speeds would decrease

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