Brunei Recycling Bins Part Deux

As a follow up to this post and in light of Earth Hour and An Inconvenient Truth we should all pitch in to help Earth sustain generations present and generations to come. So what I have is a list and location of…

Recycling bins in Brunei

You can contribute by sending me a photo and giving me a link to the location of the place. To find out the location try using Show Me Where’s It’s At!, a little something I created to help show people where a particular place is.


3 thoughts on “Brunei Recycling Bins Part Deux

  1. I think most major schools, eg. Maktab Duli have these bins around their area. It can be found near the MD’s library rear parking area.

    Wow.. I think we can expand this list more.. heheh *putting it on my check list*

  2. Yeah I’ve heard that there are some in MD but I tried going there one night and got turned away by the security guards =P I guess photo proof is always good to have. I’m planning to make it so people can contribute and let it all be fully automated and managed by the community. Just need to find the time to implement it =)

  3. I think majority of schools has plenty of them by now such as yayasan(there’s an article about in Borneo Bulletin), JIS, MD, PTE Maragang, UBD, thats all I know so far. Im glad that the number of recycling bins are increasing this year.

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