Reserved Parking?

I’m sure we have driven places and seen what we think to be our soon to be parking space only to be greeted with this:

reserved parking?

There are many variations of these adhoc reserved parking spaces for shop owners and their stuff. I’m just wondering on the legality of/guidelines for them


One thought on “Reserved Parking?

  1. Hello,

    I really can’t agree more! There’s these two restaurants (owned by the same person, I guess) in one part of Gadong, and they don’t just take up “a few” parking spots. It’s annoying, they take up three or four spots at the front and a couple more at the back of the building. I wonder what effect this has been making to the other business owners residing in the same building. Well, unless the owner of those two restaurants is the building’s owner, then this might be a different case.


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