Mozilla Service Week is upon us

In the last post I mentioned about Mozilla Service Week which officially starts today here in Brunei. Current schedule as follows:

Monday: Blue Eden (Map) 2pm onwards
Tuesday: CoffeZone at Gadong Properties (Map) 9am onwards

As you can see I have only 2 places confirmed and am waiting for confirmation from the other places I asked. If I don’t get formal approval or confirmation I may just go ahead anyway and hope not to be chased out from their premises =P If you know a good place to go to / are offering a place let me know. The only requirements are power and an Internet connection =)

So once again if you’ve got any technology or computer problems/questions come on over. Free tech support at your service =)

Note: Services offered are free of charge. Hardware and (paid) software upgrades will not be given. Formatting will be offered if you bring your legitimate install CDs/DVDs and license keys / if there is a legitimate restoration partition on your drive.

One thought on “Mozilla Service Week is upon us

  1. Видел что-то подобное в англоязычных блогах, в Русскоязычном интернете про такие вещи как-то не особо часто посты увидишь.

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