Jason Calacanis’ Message to Apple Fanboys and Girls

Message to Apple Fanboys and Girls:

We spent 30 years of the industry trying to make an open system, the Internet. Applications. Everything’s open. The reason why there is such colossal growth…. is because of an open platform.

There is no reason why Apple cannot make the iPhone a little more open. And the argument of “Oh we have to make the Apple platform so easy to use that you, the person who paid for the phone, the person who pays for the data plan, is such a smuck that you can’t decide what applications you run and you can’t decide how you use your data minutes.

That is absurd.

You’re a bunch of sellouts to the open Internet and technology. Technologist are supposed to be rebels. We’re supposed to fight against the machine and you guys are a bunch of sellouts and drunk on the Apple kool-aid

You are fighting for the wrong cause. The cause of the mighty and the just is an open platform where everybody can excel. If Steve Jobs wants to keep the whole thing closed, okay fine, ease of use I’m with you. Just a little button on the old iPhone that says “Allow experimental applications unverified by Apple”

Apple fanboys equal technology sellouts

The whole idea was you were supposed to be enabled and freed by the technology,
not constrained. Technology is supposed to be a net benefit to the planet, to society, to freedoms.

Anyway, Steve Jobs is great, I love Steve Jobs. He’s awesome and he does the greatest product in the world and that’s why we, and that’s why this whole thing is an issue is because we actually really care.

While I don’t agree with everything he says, I do be believe that technology should be open and being a Mac user for over a month now I utterly dislike the seemingly “Apple way or the highway” mentality of Apple products. OS X is superior to Windows and Linux in many ways but it also falters against them in other ways. The iPhone has revolutionized the smartphone market and is probably more usable for tasks than other smartphones out there. Why can’t Apple be more open?


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