OMNI upgrade prices for existing E-Speed subscribers

Ever since the OMNI package was introduced I was curious to see what the upgrade pricing would be. I went to find out the cost for an upgrade to OMNI Lite from an existing E-Speed 512kbps connection and was sadly disappointed to hear that to sign up for OMNI, you would have to pay the same price as a new registration. My quest to have cheap mobile broadband was quelled at that point but recently I was asked if there was an upgrade price to OMNI from existing an E-Speed plan so I decided to take another look and was glad to find out that there was an upgrade path.

OMNI FAQ: Upgrade from Existing E-Speed Subscription

The upgrade cost is B$185 /B$235 (depending on IC)
[3G USB Modem ($100)
+ Deposit ($50 for Yellow or Red IC / $100 for Green IC)
+ Annual License Fee ($25)
+ Administration fee ($10)]

A new registration for OMNI Lite is $263 / $313 and OMNI Max is $325 / $375.

I was told that the cost is the same even if I want to upgrade to OMNI Max (1Mbps E-Speed + 7.2Mbps Zoom) from my existing 512kbps eSpeed Value Surf connection which would be a great upgrade path (saving $140)

Zoom! is a mixed bag of goodness and annoyance as mentioned in my previous findings but for $20/month on top of an existing eSpeed Value Surf subscription, I have to say that OMNI is very good value for money subscription.
(OMNI Max subscription is $22/month on top of eSpeed Premium Surf and OMNI Corporate only $12/month on top of Corporate Broadband Max)

Note: the 3G USB modem is locked to b-mobile SIM and thus cannot be used with any other SIM card. Also upon upgrade, the subscription is considered as a single entity so if you want to terminate either service (eSpeed or Zoom!) you will have to terminate both subscription and resubscribe for the service you want to keep.


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