Nokia Chargers

broken nokia 2 5mm charger tip

This is what I hate about Nokia’s current 2.5mm charger. I charge my phone, my phone drops with the charger attached and I get a bent charger tip. The charger will still typically work until it’s been battered into submission and gets broken as shown below. This is my second Nokia charger tip to bite the dust.

Instead of buying a new charger I just bought a cheap B$3 adapter from BIT Computer that converts an older 3.5mm Nokia charger to the new 2.5mm tip. Works perfect and if it gets broken it’s just a $3 change. Saves money and recycles an old charger. Win for me, win for the Earth. You can buy this adapter from Deal Extreme.

nokia 3 5mm to 2 5mm adaptor

Just make sure the old charger has an output rating of DC 5.0V, 800mA (I tried on an even older 3.5mm charger that has a rating of 3.7V, 355mA and I get a “Not charging” message on the phone, so you need the right rating)

nokia charger ratings


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