Multiple Instances of VLC on OS X

Despite there being an option for Windows version of VLC, it seems to be absent in the OS X implementation of it. In order to run multiple instance of VLC on OS X you will have to open up Terminal and run the following command

This assumes that you installed VLC into the Applications folder. Otherwise you will have change it to the appropriate path where it is installed. It seems that running multiple instances of a program is discouraged by Apple’s usability guidelines (as mentioned by the forum poster) which would be ironic as I believe QuickTime files in Windows all open in a new window / instance as opposed to using an existing one.


3 thoughts on “Multiple Instances of VLC on OS X

  1. There are no equivalent to the no-installation executables packaged as .zip files for Windows? That’s how I managed to run multiple copies of VLC on WinXP

    1. Practically all Mac applications are portable of sorts because any ‘file’ is actually a folder containing all the program files (as shown by the command line command above). A typical installation is just dragging the ‘file’ into the Applications folder, which is basically like an unzip then copy and paste into a directory. More complex applications go through an installer but most are just drag and drop ‘portable’ applications.

  2. There’s no irony; QuickTime has multiple windows but only once instance of the application. On Windows, there is no distinction between a window and an instance to the user, so the guideline doesn’t apply.

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