Creative Zen V (as a Line-In Recorder) Review

Finally got this review done. Basically I got the Creative Zen V to record sermons at church via direct line-in when connected to a mixer. There are not many line-in recorders these days; Creative had quite a few devices that allow this but they have seem to stopped making them (possibly due to the hiss in the recordings?). Got a good deal at ~B$100 for 2 of them (1GB model, including shipping). Check out the video review

Details of the Creative Zen V

  • Capacity: 1GB / 2GB
  • Audio Support: MP3, WMA, IMA ADPCM, WMA DRM
  • Weight: 43.5g
  • Battery Life: Up to 15 hours for continuous audio playback
  • In-built battery (charges via USB)
  • Voice & Line-In recording supported
  • Line-in recording: 160kb/s, stereo 44.1KHz WMA (66.2MB for 76 min)
  • Microphone recording: 32kb/s, mono, 8KHz WAV (5.9MB for 25.5 min)
  • Monitor recording via
  • Visual level meters
  • Headphone output

Mini-USB connection and connects as an MTP device

  • Windows: no issues
  • Linux: depends on distro but works in recent version of Ubuntu
  • OS X: not supported natively, requires 3rd party application: e.g. XNJB

Main Issues:

  • Buzz/Hiss in line-in recorded audio (check out the video 4:07)
  • Takes relatively long to switch on (~15 seconds)
  • Records to WMA (may need conversion)
  • Possible permanent dimming of screen after extended use (several months)

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