TelBru Upgrading their Infrastructure

It seems that TelBru will be upgrading their infrastructure from the 7th to 31st of October. There will be possible disruptions of Internet connectivity and lets all hope that this will bring a better Internet experience for all eSpeed and Zoom! users. For further information or queries contact their customer care centre at 111.

Source: TelBru – Upgrading Network and Systems for BruNet New Infastructure Project


2 thoughts on “TelBru Upgrading their Infrastructure

  1. 1.What do you mean with “for better internet experience for all espeed and zoom user”? Please elaborate more.. So no improvement on go?

    2.Im currently trying to pick whether zoom or go. Do you have any suggestion? I live in gadong and would like to have torrent download connection.. Please help me..

    1. 1) Go! is provided by DST and while Zoom! and eSpeed is provided by b-mobile (which is a Telbru subsidiary) and Telbru and thus an eSpeed upgrade should affect Zoom! as well. Can’t say much about Go! though

      2) I believe both Zoom! and Go! block P2P traffic and thus torrents will not be great. Typically Go! has faster speeds and Zoom! has better coverage but due to the nature of the technology it also depends on the number of users in the area so it is hard to judge. Best way is to use your phone (or phone tethered to a computer) and do speed tests like this: to see your internal speeds and for external speeds

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