lg p500 optimus one unboxed contents


5 thoughts on “lg p500 optimus one unboxed contents

  1. Hello,
    I’m planning to buy this hp in near future and i’m still new bout this android stuff.

    Is the android upgradeable already?

  2. LG has mentioned that is should get an upgrade to Gingerbread, but I don’t think Gingerbread will make much of a difference as it runs very well on Froyo as it is already. I doubt it will get any updates after Gingerbread but the phone itself is pretty good as it is with Froyo

    1. I saw something like power management and task manager in 2.3 website.

      So the upgrade is not available in Brunei?

  3. LG said they will update it to 2.3 but nobody knows how long that will take. I don’t think there is a a need to wait til the 2.3 update to get the phone. Normal applications update you should be able to get over the Market. Official firmware/OS updates will depend on manufacturer (in this case LG)

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