Ted Williams: The Homeless Man with the Golden Voice

I first read a tweet about this but it only passed me by and I didn’t click the link to the story. Surprisingly I was draw in by a total non-obvious but related tweet that stated “Digg is dead. Long live Reddit! http://bit.ly/fH6pB2” by @codinghorror(Jeff Atwood) and boy, am I sure glad I got pulled into the story this way. Watch the video below:

When I read the story by @ambermac, I tear was brought to my eye by the kind hearts over at Reddit with people wanting to contribute to the cause by getting Ted Williams a phone or clothes and some even gave job offers. From around 320,000 views when I first saw it, it is currently at 4,024,790 views 9 hours later, this is truly a heart warming story of a guy who is down on life and is just trying to get a second chance, and we (the people of the Internet) are sincerely trying to help him out in whatever way we can.

For me, today the 5th of January 2011 will be known as Ted Williams day.


One thought on “Ted Williams: The Homeless Man with the Golden Voice

  1. It’s always good to find out that together we can get something done.. I guess it’s time to do it more and more.. The question is are there portals where you can post up videos of such ppl with talents and a secure and safe way for the audience to contact/help them? Else it might be a worthwhile venture.

    Btw, he has an amazing voice.. I wonder where he went to school for that…

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