USB Modem Lock-in: The Reason to buy a 3rd party 3G USB modem

What happens when you put a DST SIM card into a b-mobiled branded TechFaith Flying Angel 46 USB 3G modem as shown below?

You get a bunch of fail as the modem is locked. This is a reason to buy a 3rd party 3G USB modem as it should support any SIM card and thus will be useful for bringing overseas as well. I contacted b-mobile who told me to contact the manufacturer. I tried to email but did not get any response from them. Perhaps it’s round 2 for trying to contact them or try to learn the inner workings for locking and unlocking modems.


3 thoughts on “USB Modem Lock-in: The Reason to buy a 3rd party 3G USB modem

  1. Good thing about Singapore is that the govt does not allow our telcos to lock down the device. My USB dongle which I got free from my telco can be use with any telco SIM card, including oversea. Just need to key in the APN :)

    1. Yeah man, give props to Singapore government that prevents locking of devices. I think locking of a device is fine as long as they provide a good deal and an easy way to unlock (for a reasonable fee). Or have it like in France where after a period of time (I believe 1 year) they have to unlock the device for free.

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