SMARTER eVCS Project Update

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So it’s been just over 2.5 months since posted the specifications of the SMARTER eVCS. I did manage to show them a working demo in January but February and March were busy months and did not manage to spend as much time as I wanted on this project. Had to learn some Android development and so far have managed to load images stored on the SD card as well as ability to traverse directories (which corresponds to selecting a picture in the demo). Also finally managed to add some more functionality in terms of voice feedback to the web system and demo’d the new update last Friday.

Tonight I should be meeting up with Alex, one of the teachers, with SMARTER to compile the necessary photos/images/voice clips so that there can be a complete working demo with proper cases for Farid (the son of SMARTER’s president Malai Hj Abdullah bin Hj Malai Othman). I’m still wondering if this is going to be a long term kind of project or are there any other non-profit organizations looking for help with any systems they require? I would love to help them out and also work with volunteers on implementing these projects. I did talk to Zulfadly of Anak.IT and mentioned it on the Anak.IT Facebook group but more volunteers are always welcome.

Do play around with the online working demo. Any feedback is appreciated. Do not that the current version (not updated online yet) has the ability to change profile picture and some general tweaks. Hope to update the online version soon.

To-Do (Near Future)

  • Export feature to compile the necessary files to be transferred to SD card of Android app
  • Android app that is self-contained (requires no pairing with desktop/web system aside from easy generation of file structure)
  • Improve Flash voice performance

To-Do (Further Future)

  • Record audio straight from the browser
  • Customize straight from Android app

P.S. HTML 5 audio is a pain as not all browsers support the same format. Had to resort to Flash to play audio but this gives a performance hit. The initial Flash media player I was using to play MP3 did not autoplay in Chrome so had to use a different Flash player which seems much slower. But this is a rant / post for another day =)


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