Brunei iPad 2 Pricing from AV Electronics

I believe I’ve stumbled upon the iPad 2 pricing for tomorrow’s launch. Cash price is matches as Singapore’s prices.
** hint: check the Facebook link for iPad 1 and improvise ;-) **
**update: yup prices are confirmed correct**

iPad 2 Wi-FI

  • 16GB: B$668 / B$696 (Cash/Normal)
  • 32GB: B$798 / B$832 (Cash/Normal)
  • 64GB: B$928 / B$967 (Cash/Normal)

iPad 2 Wi-Fi + 3G

  • 16GB: B$848 / B$884 (Cash/Normal)
  • 32GB: B978 / B$1019 (Cash/Normal)
  • 64GB: B$1108 / B$1155 (Cash/Normal)

3 thoughts on “Brunei iPad 2 Pricing from AV Electronics

  1. I am interested to buy ipad2 32G WIFI+3G. I try to place order but failed. I need to
    have one now for my job requirement. Plse advise when can I come to buy the unit.

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