has been registered and podcast content will be available there. I will probably retweet announcements and updates but probably will not post the tech content here. The website is still a work in progress but thought it should be up and beta tested haha. Feedback will be most welcome. Have a great week guys!


4 thoughts on “

  1. Hey, just checked the website. Not bad. Although personally I felt the website felt a little bit bare, eg. the top header would be some logo or something (maybe I’m just used to it). Also I notice the theme is like the ‘terminal’ theme, but the font which is in green isn’t the same as those in the terminal. So yea.

    Sorry for not being a constructive comment, but that is just my first impression. Anyway, keep it up with the content. :D

    1. Haha thanks. No worries, my lack of design skills is evidently shown (I’ve never been a design person in the first place). Wanted to just get it out the door first and slowly build from there. Hope to get things up and running while producing content. But this week in Melbourne may hinder my productivity for this haha. But thanks again for the feedback

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