Pick My Provider

Ever since we got the revamp internet plans from DST, Imagine and Progresif (which I call the #BruneiTelcoWars) thanks to the work of UNN there have been several comparisons around and now is my turn with Pick My Provider https://bruneigeekmeet.com/pmp


  • Find top 6 cheapest plans based on expected data usage
  • Shows top 3 cheapest per provider
  • Supports some filtering (e.g. minimum speed / contract)
  • Search Home Broadband (i.e. fibre), Mobile and Mobile Pay-As-You-Go
  • Displays information in tables for quick scanning of information
  • Plans are linked to source telco for more details
  • Copy link to current search to share with others

Most things are there and one current known issue is that Mobile Pay-As-You-Go search does not currently look at the number of days the data is valid: so a search for 1GB can show an addon that is only valid for 1 day. Hope to fix this one day down the road


3 thoughts on “Pick My Provider

  1. NICE
    one problem i found is DST doesnt have an addon for $16 – 10GB/30 days.
    Well they do but its in the Edupack series of addons which only works for local learning portals and other online learning platforms like zoom, sharepoint and onenote.
    this skews the data in favour for DST and negatively affects the ability to compare the value of each GB.

    1. Ah thanks! Forgot about that. I honestly did want to compare EASI to MOBI for my personal use so definitely something to tweak.

      Will add it as part of the notes but also gives me an idea of a quick fix. The PAYG stuff in general needs quite a bit of work especially due to the number of days data is valid which makes things a bit more complicated as well

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