Busy days

Past week been busy with church stuff. Been helping out at church office making bookmarks for the upcoming church family camp that starts on Sunday. dear dear, David, Dom, Jo and myself were ‘toiling’ away making the bookmarks.

  1. Print bookmarks
  2. Tear perforated paper that bookmarks are printed on
  3. Place several bookmarks on the laminating plastic
  4. Laminate
  5. Cut individual cards from the laminated plastic
  6. Punch holes in each bookmark
  7. Tie a ribbon on each bookmark

The worst was cutting the individual bookmarks. Took us 2 full days of doing that at least if i remember correctly. Tiring but fun and crazy times we had :P Good welfare too as our meals were paid for. Thanks Anne! :D She said she could claim it back and we even had ice cream floats.. mmmmmmm. Chocolate, cookies & cream and toffee ice cream… mmmmmmm :P

On Tuesday night after we caught X-men: The Last Stand,the 3rd X-men movie. I heard that there was an extra scene after the credits and true enough there was one and one that you shouldn’t miss. After watching the movie I kind of regret not following the comic book scene that I was kind of into when I was still in Brunei when I was like 11? :P 12 years ago :| The movie all in all was pretty good. Entertaining but kind of wished there was a bit more; guess they want me to come back for the 4th X-men movie.

Today went to the PC Show 2006 at Suntec City. Pretty crowded for a weekday. The same stuff every year I guess but this year saw more booth babes making me wish that they get rid of them like they did at E3 this year. Then had dinner at Carls Jr. The salsa and salsa sauce are nice :P

Something’s up with my external hard disk enclosure :( Think I need to get a replacement or at least try replacing the IDE cable that is in it because I keep getting an error that is consistent with a faulty IDE cable. Hopefully thats all I need to get else I probably wont get another external hard disk enclosure as I will probably install the hard disk into the computer I have back home. Speaking of home, I’ll be going back for a week from the 21st to 28th June then I’ll probably be staying till the end of July for convocation and holiday comprising mainly of finishing up of making my mp3 player!!!! Busy with church stuff now :P

Anyway back to a bit of spring cleaning and catching up on podcasts.
Good night people. Take care and God bless