Thank You

To all you guys who helped out in the handmime tonight. Kind of afraid to name names because I’ll probably miss somebody but here goes anyway starting from the left: Shasha, Sheiela, Kristina, Ryan, Emily, Sam, Michelle, Anand, Karen, Sharon, Sherly (told you I’ll miss somebody), Caroline; and the helpers: Shawn, Brian and Sarah; and photographer Nick (another person I missed)
A big thank you to all and continue to serve Him in whatever way you can: nothing is too small or insignificant.

Note to self: bring more Blu Tack the next time around

Edit: See I told you I’d miss somebody. Thinking too much of office and personal work. Aaaahhhhh. Now I got the ‘mice love rice’ song in my head!!!

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Word of the week: “Coopertition”

  • Derived from: cooperation and competition
  • Source: The Linux Action Show!Episode 46 (I have to say that this is my favourite podcast/netcast for now. Great personalities, great content, great music too =p)

They used coopertition is the sense of Linux distros saying that they are better than the other distro and forgetting the fact that the more they purely compete with other distros, the ultimate competition (ie. Microsoft Windows, Mac OS) will win. After the cell group session on Thursday, this hit a string with what I believe Stephen mention on how some churches fight for the ‘membership’ of people from other churches when they should be looking to those outside the church. Don’t lose sight of the bigger picture. The ambition, not the work.

On a side note, the church is coming up pretty nicely. Woohoo!


is what has become of this site. Been busy with new opportunities and things on going and going on in life. A pretty belated Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all. Handed in my mission trip report last week and 3 things I took back from it: all you can depend on is God, be born ready and “What can I do?”. There are times when there seems to be nobody around when you need help.

1. There are times in life when there seems to be nobody around when you need help. I’m not talking just about physical sense but just to be there. There are times when you are all alone in every sense of the word and there are decisions to be made. Sometimes that will affect not only yourself but those around you and people in general. What do you do when times like these come? I got some sense of this before and during the trip itself. And some times you are in situations you would rather not be in. You lack the abilities / preperation / experience that would be needed to get the job done well. Not everything can be done on human strength and ability alone.

2.  Being ready or in a state of readiness as I believe P. Andy shared in one of the messages. I lack experience in many aspects of my life as I chose to turn my back on God in my teens years, as I chose to stay in my comfort zone, as I chose to limit my school life to doing things that help me get the grades I wanted but not develop my skills to what I wanted. It’s never too late to start something, so here I am at the ripe old age of 24 learning new things everyday which I should have learnt during my school days.

3. What can I do. I’ve seen the youth in my church. They have so much opportunities ahead of them: they have promise.  Many of them can do things I can’t even imagine myself doing. I desire to see them grow and develop into the person God wants them to be but the biggest catch is here and lies in one word: “how”. How can I help? What can I do? Pray to God to show me what I can do while at the same time actively look out for the opportunities and avenues.

So that was mission trip learning experience. Then came Christmas with the handmime presentation: not only performing but also prep work with the UV lights required. It is no joke bringing 3 UV lights in your car when each UV fluorescent tube costs BND$35. Just yesterday had to perform again for the Malaysian Christmas Celebration.

Not to mention I’ve been busy with some part-time/freelance work that I got. Basically it is system setup and a technical support. So I’ve been driving around setting up the systems with the required software and tomorrow there will be a training conducted by my brother. Doing some other web development for another project I’m working on that will hopefully launch next week. Currently I’m procrastinating by finally updating this blog and after that I’m in for a full day of work.

Got an interview with Lucent, or should I say Alcatel-Lucent, tomorrow afternoon after the training. The job seems good and provides a good learning experience for myself so God if this job is for me, open the doors just as You have opened the doors for the work I’ve been doing.

It’s a new year and it starts off with a long post. Too long for my taste. So next time update more. Shorter posts especially for those with short attention spans like myself. =P

God bless for the coming year and many more to come

Back in Brunei

It has indeed been a tiring, enjoyable, memorable, humbling, sleepy and interesting (and more) week. Quite a bit of thinking to do to process what has been learnt. Courses of action that need to be taken. Things to reflect on. Challenges to be faced. Wish I had the time to do that now but right now I have to go get ready to go out on business (Mom’s business) not I-have-a-job-business.

It’s been a great time guys: Stephen, Jerica, Sherra, Judith, Aaron, Joel, Lawrence, Anand, Rev Alex and Albert. Thanks guys and God bless!