Thank You

To all you guys who helped out in the handmime tonight. Kind of afraid to name names because I’ll probably miss somebody but here goes anyway starting from the left: Shasha, Sheiela, Kristina, Ryan, Emily, Sam, Michelle, Anand, Karen, Sharon, Sherly (told you I’ll miss somebody), Caroline; and the helpers: Shawn, Brian and Sarah; and photographer Nick (another person I missed)
A big thank you to all and continue to serve Him in whatever way you can: nothing is too small or insignificant.

Note to self: bring more Blu Tack the next time around

Edit: See I told you I’d miss somebody. Thinking too much of office and personal work. Aaaahhhhh. Now I got the ‘mice love rice’ song in my head!!!

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2 thoughts on “Thank You

  1. hey Tim,

    thanks for all that you have done… from coordinating practice, to looking for ppl to help to helping to look for ppl to help us AT THE VERY LAST MINUTE to just someone i could rely on. =D

    it’s been really great working alongside with u… the last 2 yrs. all the drama, training, practices, rehearsals.. nyeh!

    Cont to use ur leadership skills and talents in all that you do to glorify him! =D

    [nick] thanks for helping take pictures… which at the end of the day, i’m going to steal from u! ;)

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