Why do you go back to work?

Well thats the question I keep getting in the past few weeks and it’s draining. The process of going back is physically draining as it is, and when people start questioning me about it, it gets emotionally draining. Yes I admit I can be a workaholic and I push myself too much at times but as anybody who has heard my cry I want a holiday. I want a break. Yet I feel circumstance does not permit it. In short lack of understanding from people be it from the aspect of software development to that of computer system setup where weird things just happen. But at the end of the day the reason I’ve been working my butt of the past few weeks was to get everything up and ready for the client. I’m not saying it is the client’s fault because we have set deadlines both side have agreed to. Deadlines are meant to be kept (as long as they are within reason of course) and I believe the past deadline (2nd Jan for system going live) and the next deadline (tomorrow) are both perfectly reasonable, it’s just that things got in the way. I’ve been getting ‘scoldings’ and ‘hard advice’ that I haven’t NOT heard before. I have not forgotten them but I believe this is a part of my job and thus my responsibility. I will not shirk it. I will not neglect it. For if there is one thing I do, is that I work hard. There are some that call me smart and a genius, but I can assure you I am neither, just the times with a different view on things, but I wouldn’t consider myself either one of those 2 words: hard working, however – I am. I am not angry at those who ask this question it’s just tiring to hear it over and over again when people don’t understand. So as I wait for installation to finish I just hope I can get some peaceful rest from all of this. Please

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