An Ode To A Server Room

Server room, server how have you been?
It’s been a long time much longer than it should seem.

After a long hiatus we are back together.
If only the master of the door never had to take leave…ever.

How I’ve missed your ability to provide dual monitor support;
With the LCD monitor with who I’ve built good rapport.

Your network cable long, blue, winding and unobtrusive.
Unlike the other: short, intermittent, trip-inducing and obstructive.

The hum of the servers, that seek your refuge, buzz in the air,
As I happily work away on my humble little chair

A chair that swivels, pivots and whose height can vary,
As opposed to the fixed stiff one that didn’t leave me merry

So here’s to a new year with lots of work and documentation to be done,
Despite spending new year’s eve and day with your competition on Ground level one.

Do not be jealous for the front desk is good,
Easy to access and accommodates more food.

But alas I will return in due time I shall,
For more work to be done with the Server Room, my Pal

Ok I don’t know if that makes me sad or just that weird or both.

So here’s to a new year:
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