Back in Singapore

After 1 week back home in Brunei to participate in my 1st Church Youth Camp!!!! It was a great experience especially since it was that church that I was kind of forced to go. I was the, and I quote, “guy-that-sat-behind-church-with-computer”. Been a long time since then and still I can’t believe that the 1st church camp I actually went to was one hosted by my church back home. YDM website with a few photos. Thanks guys for the wonderful experience, it will certainly be a treasured memory. Take care guys and hope to keep in contact and see you guys soon enough when I come back ;-)

Anyway tonight is the last night ever in Prince George’s Park NUS. Tomorrow will be moving in to Naved’s and Fahad’s place which is near the Canadian 241 at Pasir Panjang. Helped Naved move some stuff just now and saw the place is pretty cool. Nice big place with facilities like a gym, tennis courts, swimming pool, squash courts and BBQ pit. A pretty secluded place but there’s a Cold Storage close by and some small eateries as well. Tomorrow is the final move of stuff.

Went out in the afternoon to run some errands and then ended up bumping into Isabel at Funan I.T. Mall.. She had a meeting with Kim which I crashed and we ended up eating at Marche at Suntec. Had the mushroom ragou (spelling?) rosti and a crepe topped with mango and chocolate ice cream… mmmmmm. Nice food.

Been thinking to myself about getting a new PDA and/or phone and/or digital camera. Think it started when I started looking at some photos taken back home during my Brunei trip. Was thinking to myself if it would have been better if I had my own digital camera. Then I it got me thinking about a PDA or phone with an inbuilt camera. But I thought that an inbuilt camera wouldn’t be great but since I was on the topic of PDA’s and phones I started looking into them. Man there are just too many choices. Anyway I better not get anything that will hasten and clutter my life. Felt God was telling me to slow down while I was back home: not to get caught up with things in the world.

Well I guess that’s it, the last post in my room from PGP, NUS. Good night and God bless!


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