Debian almost ready for me

Got almost all I need configured in Debian. The move to Linux is 1 BIG step closer =D Was trying to get my wireless working. Installed and loaded the modules required for wireless but it didn’t work. Finally found out it was due to the hardware button on my laptop. So finally found the problem.
kernel /boot/vmlinuz- root=/dev/hda7 ro acpi=off
ACPI was off.. Removed that option and not only did the wireless work, but now I should have proper battery monitoring, the next thing I was going to configure after the wireless.
Now… I think the last few things I need to configure

  1. Extra mouse buttons (Update: done!)
  2. Dual screen monitors
  3. Firewire (yet to check)
  4. SD card reader (yet to check)
  5. Make Google Earth use the graphics card instead of doing emulated OpenGL (installed the graphics card driver but still uses emulated OpenGL, which does not occur in Kubuntu) (Update: done!)

Just realised that this post wasn’t published =| Written 1.5 weeks ago before I went back to Brunei. Gah


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