Digital camera hunt

I’m my current state I almost bought a digital camera yesterday. I guess ever since I got back from my short trip back home I realised that I want to take photos for keepsake purposes so with that I kind of got into a digital camera hunt yesterday…. online =p So I kind of narrowed it down to like the following Canon cameras: Powershot A430 (4 megapixels) , Powershot A530 (5 megapixels). Powershot A540 (6 megapixels). The only real difference is the megapixels and I guess price. So I just went out to look at the prices yesterday. The A430 is going for around ~S$280 and is bundled with a 512MB SD card and a bag. The A530 was around ~S$360 with the same bundle. This being my first real digicam I thought I would just start low and actually S$300 is more or less my price point for gadgets like PDA’s, phones, handheld consoles and digicams. Perhaps I’m a bit stingy with the money but I also feel its not really worth paying so much for a gadget, plus if anything happens it won’t cost that much to replace. Anyway I was a good thing that I decided not to buy it yesterday as my sister says she has an old Nikon camera that I can use. Kind of felt it was too rushed to buy it, guess it was God telling me there is a way to get a camera without paying for it =D. As Dominic shared before how God not only just provides but helps you save money ;-). She says its the Nikon Coolpix 3200 which seems pretty good for a novice like me. So I will wait for my brother to bring the camera over probably this weekend when he comes. Yay! =D Thank you sis!
Need to thank the following websites during my camera hunt hehe
CNET Asia (more for rough Singapore pricing)
Steve’s Digicams (for great reviews)
PC Magazine

During the search I kind of ran into Creative‘s Star Buy promotion. You can get a Zen Vision for half price!!! First 5 customers get 50% off, the next 20 get 30% off, the next 50 get 20% off while the rest get 10% off. It’s some online offer which is a pretty good deal if you are looking for a portable media player which is better than the iPod in terms of performance, screen size, file formats and extra features. Now I wonder if ladyada will make a media player device as a possible successor to MintyMP3.

Also met up with Denise, Dominic and Ruyi yesterday. Had a great time just chatting and eating. It’s going to be different when I go back, going to miss the fellowship of the trippers. BTW the photos I took when I was bored are up here (need to add me to your contacts first so I can share with you, on request of Mr. Tee =p). Nothing much to see except people sleeping haha. Anyway I need to go school later and after that run some personal errands. A great new week that the Lord has blessed us with: don’t waste it. Take care and God bless! =)


2 thoughts on “Digital camera hunt

  1. Now you’re getting a Canon ixus 700 from me (at the cost of repair). I’ve got all the manuals and some of the connector cords are still in plastic bags all waiting for you when you get home. I have my new Panasonic Lumix FX-01 to play with. Hope the Canon doesn’t cost too much to fix because it’s a really good camera. Will show you how to get the most of it when you get back. Come back soon and don’t forget my book!

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