Portable applications

Just came to me that I would like to have portable applications running on a USB drive. So in my search I refer to The Portable Freeware Collection which has a whole lot of free portable applications. An in the process I think I found my almost perfect file manager called tabbyFile.

My current list of applications are as follows:

  1. Browser & Email client: Opera-USB
  2. FTP server: Baby FTP Server | Quick ‘n Easy FTP Server Lite
  3. FTP client: FTP Wanderer
  4. HTTP file server: HFS
  5. Telnet/SSH Client: PuTTY
  6. Compression/Extraction: Portable7zip
  7. MSN messenger: PixaMSN
  8. MD5 integrity utility: MD5 checker
  9. Text Editor: Notepad++
  10. BitTorrent client: uTorrent
  11. Offline browser: HTTrack
  12. Audio recording/editing/encoding: Audacity

That’s the current list for now but will be updating as the list grows as I’m sure it will.


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