Word of the week: “Coopertition”

  • Derived from: cooperation and competition
  • Source: The Linux Action Show!Episode 46 (I have to say that this is my favourite podcast/netcast for now. Great personalities, great content, great music too =p)

They used coopertition is the sense of Linux distros saying that they are better than the other distro and forgetting the fact that the more they purely compete with other distros, the ultimate competition (ie. Microsoft Windows, Mac OS) will win. After the cell group session on Thursday, this hit a string with what I believe Stephen mention on how some churches fight for the ‘membership’ of people from other churches when they should be looking to those outside the church. Don’t lose sight of the bigger picture. The ambition, not the work.

On a side note, the church is coming up pretty nicely. Woohoo!


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