Busy busy days

Been very busy with UAT (user acceptance tests) at ACB (Anti-Corruption Bureau) this week and will continue till the 24th. I would just like to thank God for sustaining me and seeing me through. Despite the same kind of hectic life I had last week, this week has been more bearable. Though today was practically a breaking point for me. The Business Objects (BO – yeah it does stink) server was acting very PMS life giving errors that I never encountered before and for some reason I reverted some modified files to the original so I had to re-edit those files. I did have a copy of the modified files though, but one thing I don’t get about Tomcat server is that if I copy a file over an existing one and reload the page it does NOT reflect the changes. I have to open the file, save it then it shows. It’s probably some issue with cache or something. If anybody knows do tell, cause the place we have in ACB has no Internet connection so troubleshooting anything is a pain: goes to show how much we depend on the web (especially Google search :p).

Anyway in the next few days I need to get reacquainted with Business Objects XI (BOXI), WEBI reports, Crystal reports, metrics and analytics. After dealing with BOXI and Livelink (version 9.6) from OpenText I’m very surprised to see how pathetic their migration support is. For BOXI (the XI stands for 11 in roman numerals) it cannot export the data the analytics are linked to thus if you have a system set up and you want to migrate it to an existing system you have to recreate the analytics all over again. For Livelink workflow maps when you export from one system to another, some data can be lost. There is no easy migration tool for either of them…. probably just a business ploy to seek and pay for support.

So its the weekend, so you guys enjoy it. I’ll be in ACB yet again cause I need to show something to boss on Monday and I need the smelling BO server for it and I can’t be bother to bring the server home: it’s not small and it’s noisy. But probably afraid I’ll drop it and make a big mess of the project :p. Night people and happy weekend


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