The 1 second film

About The 1 Second Film

The 1 Second Film is a non-profit web fueled collaborative art project that anyone in the world can be part of, including celebrities. :)

As a community, we’re creating the World’s Biggest Shortest Film. The 1 Second Film project is built around one-second of animation (24 frames); each frame is a large mural that was painted by hundreds of people during a collaborative event.

Anyone can help produce the film by donating $1. With thousands of Producers, our end credits will last an estimated 90-minutes! During our credits, a feature-length making of documentary will play, detailing the inspiring and often absurd story behind the project.

All profits raised by the finished film will be donated to the Global Fund for Women.

The 1 Second Film is being directed by award winning filmmaker Nirvan Mullick, and is a production of The Collaboration Foundation, a non-profit art organization with a 5 Phase Plan to bring the world together, one-second at a time, using collaborative art to foster global community and inspire social change.

We are on a quest to ask Oprah for $1 to join the producers of The 1 Second Film. The 1 Second Film is a non-profit global collaborative art project bringing thousands of people together to make a film that makes a difference. Anyone in the world can help produce The 1 Second Film by donating $1. From Kiefer Sutherland to Kevin Bacon, thousands of producers are already participating. All profits from our finished film will benefit the Global Fund for Women. It’s the start of a 5 Phase Plan to bring the world together, one second at a time.



An article in the papers today

UBD to hold information week
By James Kon

Bandar Seri Begawan – Universiti Brunei Darussalam (UBD) Library will be organising its 4`h Information Week, from February 5 to 10, at its premises. –

Now I’m just wondering if they are referring to February NEXT year or possibly April next month. Anyway… a cool pantomime video below paying tribute to some classic games. Entertaining but I didn’t really get the last reference which is supposed to be Gears of War as I haven’t played it. Perhaps when it comes for the PC I may give it a go. The only console I’ll likely play is the Wii

But the Nintendo acapella below is still my favourite as it was the first one I watched.

If anybody is wondering how to get Youtube video’s on a wordpress blog, use the following code replacing the url with the url of the video. Just found out as these are my first references to Youtube videos. Learning something new today. Cool =P


Imagini VisualDNA: Get a quick profile of yourself by clicking a few images (around 10). I was bored

open source as alternative: A nice place that provides open source applications to more familiar commercial ones. I wasn’t too sure why they included the commercial applications on the site but after reading one of the comments on the article’s digg page I noticed that once you click on the link for the commercial application it will provide you open source alternatives below, which is cool.