My Night Life

my night life
Well thats my room [starting from the left: UPS – green and orange, keyboard – green, speaker – green, mouse – blue (Razer Diamondback Plasma), power extension – red, laptop – blue x 3 and green (though it’s supposed to be blue, green, nothing, green)]. Was having pretty bad coughing bouts, the type where you almost puke =S Then after taking this picture and having read Photography Video Tutorial: Light Speed Escalator (Digg it!) in the afternoon I decided to try get fancy and actually do something. So 189 photos later I still didn’t get what I wanted so I will have to resort to GIMP-ing it (as opposed to Photoshopping: free-of-charge FLOSS rocks).

I was trying to do a spiral kind of thing but didn’t work out. Only really happy with the following 2 photos:

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