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  1. Hi there !

    I really enjoy reading your article regarding the internet speed. I am getting really pissed about the speed of B mobile. You see I was downloading a file from rapidshare this evening of 200mb and when the download reached 195 mb, guess what happened ?? It just stopped !!! and I have to download the whole thing again !! and guess what !! I can’t even log onto rapidshare network right noat at 2245 hrs !!! I just cant believe this crap is going on and I wonder when they are ever going to improve the connection speed at all. What do you think ?

  2. Hello,

    I am surprised to come across your website when i try to find whether anyone is complaining about the espeed recently in brunei. I must said your blog is interesting to read and i love it. Keep up the good work.

    Recently i have espeed problem with their speed on the 9 of march. It doesn’t reach the full speed until today at 12 of march.

    Here’s the complaint i make:

    “I have been having problem with e-speed for the last two days. The problem look the same like few month ago where they published and blamed it is due to the faulty card. We, the customer has been complaining and what we have been advised is to test whether the espeed meter tester from is working. That doesn’t justify our problem. Please get real that we are connecting to the world outside of problem. What’s the point on testing to the headquater in brunei. Of course the speed is not having problem. Last the previous problem, we have been complaining for week but no action has been taken and a week problem, telbru publish in borneo bulletion stated it is due to faulty network card? We are not feeling that the telbru maintenance is up to the standard. So are we going to wait for another week in order to hear the problem is due to faulty card again?”

    Guess what? I think we have to wait another week then.

    BTW: keep up the good work. ^_^

  3. Hi,

    Have you try to install the Bmobile 1st generation to windows 7 64bit? I have been trying in a few different way but not successful. I actually found a website which show to way to install the device driver by manually browsing through the C:/program file/hsdpa usb modem. However windows complaint about the file is not design for windows 7 64bit.

  4. Hi,

    I saw you have an htc android phone. Can you share the mms setting for dst? The one I used from dst website doesn’t work at all.

    1. Hmmm, I don’t really use MMS so am not too sure if I even have the settings right. Try the following settings taken from Hazarry’s PDF
      1. Operator Name & Country : DSTCom & Brunei Darussalam 
      2. Network Name : MMS Servers 
      3. Modem Name : DSTCom MMS 
      4. Modem Access Point Name : dst.mms 
      5. Username : “mms” 
      6. Password : “mms” 

      1. Server Name : DSTCom MMS 
      2. Gateway : 
      3. Port Number : 9201 
      4. Server Address : 
      5. Connect Via : MMS Servers 
      6. Size Limit : 300K 
      7. WAP Version : WAP 2.0 

  5. I had signed up for DST’s Go(exclamation mark)broadband 1 year plan on 02/04/10, when they were doing an anniversary promotion. The promotion is that they were throwing in the Ericsson W25 router for a measely $66 “administrative fee”.

    While inserting the SIM card, I pondered upon the odd space inside the router. Was this space meant for a battery? The cover to this space looked like a battery cover. Is the battery an option?

    I soon put the issue aside until two days ago, when I needed to do some advance settings on the router and I tried to search the web for a manual. I found the manual and then wondered why it wasn’t available in the orginal box. Only the Quick Setup Guide was provided in the box. Reading further into manual, I read that there is supposed to be a battery! Looking at the space in the router again, I saw two pins that could very well receive a battery pack!

    So, did some DST staff stole the battery and the manual or is the entire DST evil?

    1. I guess it could just be an option for the router: no battery makes it cheaper to purchase (and hopefully cost savings are passed onto the customer too). A battery would be great to create a mobile hotspot like a MiFi. Upon some Googling it seems that indeed that the battery is an add-on for UPS-like functionality if the power goes out. While it is possible for DST to take out a battery, I would think it would be non-beneficial for them to take it out and store it somewhere vs getting a version with no battery and pass the savings on the to consumer

  6. “I had the oldest modem (3.5G lettering printed on the top in orange on a white casing) and managed to get it working on Windows 7 64 bit. Had to disable driver signing but it did work.”

    Saw this comment on Mr. BR Blog can u share more info on this … thanks in advance

    1. I made a post here. Hope that helps. I don’t have my Windows 7 install with the modem with me at the moment so I can’t give finer details at the moment, but hope that helps =)

  7. Bro…I’m glad I came across your blog. It’s a good read and I enjoy reading your insights. Hope it’s okay to link your blog in mine?


    1. Thanks, glad you like it. Just doing what I believe in =) And yeah sure you can link to my blog. Everything I do (to my recollection) is Creative Commons by Attribution so you can just link without issue =)

  8. @Patrick as I mentioned, everything is Creative Commons by Attribution. You can do what you want with my content as long as you mention where you got it =)

    For future reference, if you want to link to my site by all means go ahead. You don’t need my permission to do so. I appreciate your courtesy of asking me and it is very respectful of you =)

  9. Hi there, I found your site whilst searching for information on b-mobile and e-speed. Great work, very informative. I’ve just set up a brunei forum and would like to give you a plug if you like? Check it out PS, there is also a blog section if you’d like to post and linkback to here :)

  10. hy, im very proud of your blog and tech articles.. i am searching articles of ncomputing vs thin-client / remote-desktop using mobile phone or anroid phone etc..

  11. hi ….. could you pls do me a favour?? ps how to get DST MMS phone configuration for CSL G10, Malaysia made (3G).

    tank you v.much


  12. HI
    I am looking to purchase a Huawei B 370 as i am told it will increase my signal for my internet. Do you stock them? If so how much are they?


    K Cook

  13. hey..i still cant open Brudirect..still with white page…i’ve installed greasemonkey, stylish etc.. but still nt working…i m using 10.5.8 mac OSX and firefox 3.6.13…any ideas? thanks.

  14. hello,
    i hav some problem with my lg p500, it maybe a false alarm but i just want to make sure.

    I just bought a few days ago, and my ram getting low bit by bit when i checked it frequently. It didn’t affect significantly, but just to make sure. I put taskkiller on my home screen to view the ram. I did download apps from market.

    1. When you use apps they will use RAM, so it is normal. I don’t use a task killer unless an app doesn’t close properly. Constantly killing tasks could even cause the device to perform worse

  15. hey, im wondering if you can check out driver problems for the bmobile zoom pocket modem. As i tried to plug it in the latest macbook pro 13″ (2011) and installing the driver it still cant launch connection manager or just doesnt detect the device at all. When i plugged it into the previous macbook pro 13″(2010) model it works perfectly fine, device readable and connection manager automatically pop up open. i went to av electronics and they guys told me that the latest macbook pro model doesnt support the pocket modem device. so can u help me if theres any update to the device driver. im also wondering mac os x 10.6.7 64bit have anything to do with it since windows 7 64bit does.

    1. If it’s not supported then it’ll be hard. Which modem are you using? Is it the TechFaith Flying Angel? It works fine on Snow Leopard for me. Even the old 3.5G modem works. Possibly uninstall any previous modem software and reinstall it. There is no connection between it working in Windows and OSX: all depends on driver support

  16. How to unlock b-mobile zoom broadband modem?
    I want use with other network sim.
    Tried so many ways…but cannot

    1. I’ve asked b-mobile about this and they told me to contact the manufacturer of the device. I’ve read up a bit about unlocking the devices and some just need a special code which is dependent on the provider (b-mobile) and manufacturer of the device. Honestly I think there isn’t much hope in getting unlock codes from b-mobile: the many times I’ve asked, they did not really know what I was talking about and contacting the manufacturer may prove difficult as well

  17. Hi!

    I have a question, would you recommend a macbook pro/air for engineering related work? I really need your opinion. and such a great blog here! lovin’ it!

    1. If it runs all the software you need then I don’t see why not. Both get pretty good battery life compared to regular non-Mac laptops. If you need Windows you can always dual boot or run in it in Virtual Machines (though may not be a good experience). If you want to do presentations you will need to buy the dongle to connect to a projector and it has only 2 USB ports. I’m still more productive on Windows as Windows is snappier and more functional with keyboard shortcuts vs OS X for my use case. If you do lots of typing and use home / end / page up / page down on an external keyboard, be prepared for different behaviours (and that is one thing that annoys me). Go to AV, give it a go and see if it feels right / works for you

      1. since i am such a n00b, would you mind telling me what dual boot means? i have also heard of ‘Parallels’. what is that?

  18. Means you can boot into Windows or OS X when you restart your computer. Parallels is a virtual machine software that lets you run different operating systems within another operating system (i.e. you don’t need to restart your computer) but performance is dependent on quite a few things and will be slower than if you install it in a dual/multi-boot scenario.

  19. Hello..broadband simcard also can be used in smartphone? to access internet just like normal broadband. by using teether.

  20. Hi there. I’m wondering if you could help me. I could not use my DST broadband on my Macbook pro 13″ (latest version) that comes with thunderbolt. Tried to follow the setup guide provided by DST on their website, but failed. The problem is my broadband does not show up in the Network panel when I plug in the USB. Had unplug and replug the USB modem many times and open back the sys preferences, however the result is still the same. I only see Airport, Ethernet and FireWire.

    p/s: Installation of the software was successful. I’m having problem with the connection settings.

    1. When you plug in the modem, does it mount as a CD drive or something? If it does you typically need to unmount that before it can act as a modem. Run the software that is installed to initialize the device and connect.

      Also perhaps the modem may not work with your version of OS X. It can be possible and you would need to get a new modem. I’ve not personally dealt with the DST modems so I would suggest that you take it to them and ask for their help

  21. Hi, i need to ask is there any idea where i can found the amazon kindle 3 here in brunei? thanks for advice, n i appreciate ur contribution in ur blog here.. :)

    1. I haven’t seen any around and I’m not a book person so I don’t visit book stores who may some information about it (though I doubt it). I think the best bet is to buy from neighbouring countries or buying online.

  22. hello..By now are there wont be any tax charges on all computers equitment by Aiti? my means if from ebay or others..hmm im confues with the last news btw..

    1. I believe there is no tax on computer goods now, though I’m not perfectly sure what items fall under that category so it would be up the to officer in charge to decide I presume.

      1. First and foremost I would like to say thank you for the respond! :D Really appreciate it! The reason why I’m asking is that, I just started my course which is HND in Computing and one of our assignment right now requires interviewing a person who have developed an application/software/website etc.. If you’re up for it.. I would really love to interview you! Thank you! :)

  23. Hello! Can u help me with this Espeed Modem setup. Is there any method to Unlock my tp-link adsl modem+router. I’m having a problem with my old modem (Alcatel Home etc.) Espeed. So I bought a new router (UK) last month but I cant use them, in the setup page they asked me to put in my PPPoE username and password. I dont have any experianced in this setting up new modem+router. Is there any way to use other then Zexyel/Alcatel modem for Espeed ?

    1. Hi micromac! I’m honestly not too sure of the settings for combined modem+routers. I did have one a long time back but it wasn’t reliable so switched back to individual modem and router. Sadly it is no longer working so I can’t test and see if I can get the right configuration. I suggest calling Telbru Espeed section (122 I believe) and hope that they can answer your request. If I do figure out the settings I’ll let you know =)

  24. This is the excellent weblog for any person who wishes to know about this subject. You know so a lot its practically hard to argue with you (not that I truly would want…HaHa). You definitely place a new spin on a subject thats been written about for years. Fantastic stuff, just great!

  25. hello, I’m just wondering, do you recommend to root android phones? I mean is it okay/good/beneficial? are there more cons than pros? TQ:)

    1. Totally recommend rooting. Just be clear that rooting is just gaining full access to the phone. Typical uses would be to install apps that require special access to the functions that are not possible on a non-rooted phone. I used root to change Market place region to a place so that I can download apps that are not available in Brunei and also to buy apps. I also use it to do full backups via Titanium Backup. I guess there could be issues of installing malware files that could do more damage if you’re on root, but as long as you’re careful what you download it shouldn’t be a problem.

      Usually after rooting, it opens the door to flashing a custom ROM to the device. Custom ROMs can improve performance on the device and provide a better experience, but I personally haven’t done so as it can be an involved process and if things go wrong, you could brick your phone. Custom ROMS may not have full hardware functionality depending on how polished and complete the ROM is, but I guess it should generally be good for higher end and popular phones

      Hope that helps!

  26. Hello there,
    I would like to know the possibility to unlock bmobile zoom broadband and allowing any sim card can be used afterwards. By doing this also allowing other sim card to work successfully. Is this possible?

  27. Hi,

    I am aware that to go with Espeed we have to go with Modem which is provided by them, my question is,
    1. is it possible to use our own better modem? how do i set it up?
    2. can i just plug my new modem router after the installer has setup the internet using TelBru’s modem?

  28. Hi^^ Got a question if I may.

    I just recently updated my Galaxy Note using the “Settings>About Device>Software Update” method. After the update though. the “software update” keeps popping up and I can’t even cancel it. It only gives me two options “install” or “later” and if I click “later”, it asks to be reminded at 30mins, 1 hour or 3 hours intervals. It keeps coming out even though the update HAD already been done. How do I stop it from coming out? My phone is not rooted btw.

      1. I tried both options, doesn’t work. Oh well it’s okay, thanks. Not really impressed with android 4.0 anyway, right now I planning to downgrade it back to the original firmware, which might takes more time then I thought.

  29. Hi guys! I have a issue regarding the cost to downgrade e-speed from 3.5mps to 1mps. Not sure if it cost $50 or $10? Can anyone tell me? thanks :D

  30. Hi,

    Nice blog, very informative, which I wouldn’t expect from someone in Brunei. No offense, though. After many years spent overseas, I still find that Brunei is still, very much, hesitant to go entirely “electronic”. But, please prove me wrong. I consider the implementation of iBanking and mobile banking a very good improvement. I still think that some e-services could be improved, though, like internet booking for movies instead of leaving a message on their Facebook wall. And some deep areas could be improved to have better internet connectivity. It’s a pain in the chest that my online payment, some days ago failed to get to the merchant due to internet connectivity issue, although the money would be returned after a long wait according to the bank, it’s still much of a hassle that I had to redo the transaction. However, Prima 3G seems to be getting better these few days, although my B-mobile mobile broadband “wifi” requires consistent router restarts.

    Sorry for the unrelated information, though. I thought it would be nice for me to provide any readers with my point of view.


  31. Could you please show me the B-mobile internet setting for Sony Xperia ST21a2? Please, it would be very much appreciated.

    Peter M.

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  33. Bro Wazzup?

    Bro im a new foreign here at BRUNEI i came from other country bro can i ask if you still have working free internet settings for DSTCom?

    or anything that will make my data consumption more cheapier when surfing the net?

    i’ll wait for your response hope you make an update as soon as possbile

    Terimah Kasih :)

    1. I think the standard answer would be Opera Mini with low resolution images to save on bandwidth but it may cause some sites not to work. There are quite a few free wifi hotspots around eateries if you’re willing to go that route.

      1. Ow ok so the bottom line is you dont have anymore the settings for DST free internet?? ok..

        yeah thats what im using right now opera mini with low reso

        eateries or cafeterias here have no wifi i think so i guess thats my bad luck.. lol

        anyways thanks bro appreciated your response :)

  34. hi, do u know how to change username and password of telbru internet?, i need to restart my modem from telbru coz very slow, and maybe got someone hacked my password thats y very slow. pls hel me. pls responce.

  35. Hi there. I’m planning to buy zoom broadband for unlimited plans. I wonder if the connection is lower than dst go broadband since b-mobile changed to progresif cellular. I hope u can answer my question asap. Thanks.

    1. Am not in Brunei to actually test it, but it’s hard to say as it depends on their infrastructure and saturation. If a lot of people left them, it would mean that there is a lot of ‘spare’ bandwidth, but if more people get back on it could come back to a crawl which is what I mostly experienced when using it.
      I would think DST has a better infrastructure but I can’t say for sure, so I would suggest asking people to do speedtests in the regions where you are most likely to be to give a rough gauge.

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