Fixing the BruDirect “White Page of Nothingness” Problem

So previously I had written about “Fixing BruDirect’s Grey Container of Emptiness” but it seems that the workaround of decreasing the font size does not work any longer (doesn’t work in Chromium / Chrome). So the BruDirect problem now has slightly changed: fro grey container of emptiness to the white box of nothingness as shown below.

The Fix:

  • Install this user style I created
  • You can install it in Chromium / Chrome by just clicking the link and installing as a user script (it can be later uninstalled from the Extensions page). Firefox users can use GreaseMonkey to install user scripts.
  • Alternatively you can use Stylish (Firefox extension, Chromium / Chrome extension). I had some problems with Stylish for Chrome. Chrome Stylist can be used for manually editing the fix.
  • For the advanced users who just want the CSS snippet to fix it, it is as follows:
    @-moz-document domain('') {
        #horiz-menu li, #horiz-menu li .link 
        { font-size: 11px; } 

So after the fix is installed, Brudirect should work again